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Micah 3:11 YLT

Mic 3:11 YLT, Micah 3 11 YLT

Micah 3:11 YLT

9  Hear this, I pray you, heads of the house of Jacob, And ye judges of the house of Israel, Who are making judgment abominable, And all uprightness do pervert.

10  Building up Zion with blood, And Jerusalem with iniquity.

11  Her heads for a bribe do judge, And her priests for hire do teach, And her prophets for silver divine, And on Jehovah they lean, saying, 'Is not Jehovah in our midst? Evil doth not come in upon us.'

12  Therefore, for your sake, Zion is ploughed a field, and Jerusalem is heaps, And the mount of the house 'is' for high places of a forest!

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