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Micah 2:7 YLT

Mic 2:7 YLT, Micah 2 7 YLT

Micah 2:7 YLT

5  Therefore, thou hast no caster of a line by lot In the assembly of Jehovah.

6  Ye do not prophesy -- they do prophesy, They do not prophesy to these, It doth not remove shame.

7  Doth the house of Jacob say, 'Hath the Spirit of Jehovah been shortened? Are these His doings?' Do not My words benefit the people that is walking uprightly?

8  And yesterday My people for an enemy doth raise himself up, From the outer garment the honourable ornament ye strip off, From the confident passers by, Ye who are turning back from war.

9  The women of My people ye cast out from its delightful house, From its sucklings ye take away My honour to the age.

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