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Micah 2:3 YLT

Mic 2:3 YLT, Micah 2 3 YLT

Micah 2:3 YLT

1  Wo 'to' those devising iniquity, And working evil on their beds, In the light of the morning they do it, For their hand is -- to God.

2  And they have desired fields, And they have taken violently, And houses, and they have taken away, And have oppressed a man and his house, Even a man and his inheritance.

3  Therefore, thus said Jehovah: Lo, I am devising against this family evil, From which ye do not remove your necks, Nor walk loftily, for a time of evil it 'is'.

4  In that day doth 'one' take up for you a simile, And he hath wailed a wailing of wo, He hath said, We have been utterly spoiled, The portion of my people He doth change, How doth He move toward me! To the backslider our fields He apportioneth.

5  Therefore, thou hast no caster of a line by lot In the assembly of Jehovah.

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