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Mark 16:17 YLT

Mrk 16:17 YLT, Mk 16:17 YLT, Mr 16:17 YLT, Mark 16 17 YLT

Mark 16:17 YLT

15  and he said to them, 'Having gone to all the world, proclaim the good news to all the creation;

16  he who hath believed, and hath been baptized, shall be saved; and he who hath not believed, shall be condemned.

17  'And signs shall accompany those believing these things; in my name demons they shall cast out; with new tongues they shall speak;

18  serpents they shall take up; and if any deadly thing they may drink, it shall not hurt them; on the ailing they shall lay hands, and they shall be well.'

19  The Lord, then, indeed, after speaking to them, was received up to the heaven, and sat on the right hand of God;

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