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Lamentations 4:7 YLT

Lam 4:7 YLT, La 4:7 YLT, Lamentations 4 7 YLT

Lamentations 4:7 YLT

5  Those eating of dainties have been desolate in out-places, Those supported on scarlet have embraced dunghills.

6  And greater is the iniquity of the daughter of my people, Than the sin of Sodom, That was overturned as 'in' a moment, And no hands were stayed on her.

7  Purer were her Nazarites than snow, Whiter than milk, ruddier of body than rubies, Of sapphire their form.

8  Darker than blackness hath been their visage, They have not been known in out-places, Cleaved hath their skin unto their bone, It hath withered -- it hath been as wood.

9  Better have been the pierced of a sword Than the pierced of famine, For these flow away, pierced through, Without the increase of the field.

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