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Judges 15:6 YLT

Judg 15:6 YLT, Jdg 15:6 YLT, Jg 15:6 YLT, Jdgs 15:6 YLT, Judges 15 6 YLT

Judges 15:6 YLT

4  And Samson goeth and catcheth three hundred foxes, and taketh torches, and turneth tail unto tail, and putteth a torch between the two tails, in the midst,

5  and kindleth fire in the torches, and sendeth 'them' out into the standing corn of the Philistines, and burneth 'it' from heap even unto standing corn, even unto vineyard -- olive-yard.

6  And the Philistines say, 'Who hath done this?' And they say, 'Samson, son-in-law of the Timnite, because he hath taken away his wife, and giveth her to his companion;' and the Philistines go up, and burn her and her father with fire.

7  And Samson saith to them, 'Though ye do thus, nevertheless I am avenged on you, and afterwards I cease!'

8  And he smiteth them hip and thigh -- a great smiting, and goeth down and dwelleth in the cleft of the rock Etam.

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