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Judges 15:14 YLT

Judg 15:14 YLT, Jdg 15:14 YLT, Jg 15:14 YLT, Jdgs 15:14 YLT, Judges 15 14 YLT

Judges 15:14 YLT

12  And they say to him, 'To bind thee we have come down -- to give thee into the hand of the Philistines.' And Samson saith to them, 'Swear to me, lest ye fall upon me yourselves.'

13  And they speak to him, saying, No, but we certainly bind thee, and have given thee into their hand, and we certainly do not put thee to death;' and they bind him with two thick bands, new ones, and bring him up from the rock.

14  He hath come unto Lehi -- and the Philistines have shouted at meeting him -- and the Spirit of Jehovah prospereth over him, and the thick bands which 'are' on his arms are as flax which they burn with fire, and his bands are wasted from off his hands,

15  and he findeth a fresh jaw-bone of an ass, and putteth forth his hand and taketh it, and smiteth with it -- a thousand men.

16  And Samson saith, 'With a jaw-bone of the ass -- an ass upon asses -- with a jaw-bone of the ass I have smitten a thousand men.'

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