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Jeremiah 8:7 YLT

Jer 8:7 YLT, Je 8:7 YLT, Jr 8:7 YLT, Jeremiah 8 7 YLT

Jeremiah 8:7 YLT

5  Wherefore hath this people of Jerusalem Turned back -- a perpetual backsliding? They have kept hold on deceit, They have refused to turn back.

6  I have given attention, yea, I hearken, They do not speak right, No man hath repented of his wickedness, Saying, What have I done? Every one hath turned to his courses, As a horse is rushing into battle.

7  Even a stork in the heavens hath known her seasons, And turtle, and swallow, and crane, Have watched the time of their coming, And -- My people have not known the judgment of Jehovah.

8  How do ye say, We 'are' wise, And the law of Jehovah 'is' with us? Surely, lo, falsely it hath wrought, The false pen of scribes.

9  Ashamed have been the wise, They have been affrighted, and are captured, Lo, against a word of Jehovah they kicked, And the wisdom of what -- have they?

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