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Jeremiah 8:10 YLT

Jer 8:10 YLT, Je 8:10 YLT, Jr 8:10 YLT, Jeremiah 8 10 YLT

Jeremiah 8:10 YLT

8  How do ye say, We 'are' wise, And the law of Jehovah 'is' with us? Surely, lo, falsely it hath wrought, The false pen of scribes.

9  Ashamed have been the wise, They have been affrighted, and are captured, Lo, against a word of Jehovah they kicked, And the wisdom of what -- have they?

10  Therefore, I give their wives to others, Their fields to dispossessors, For from the least even unto the greatest, Every one is gaining dishonest gain, From prophet even unto priest, every one is dealing falsely.

11  And they heal the breach of the daughter of my people slightly, Saying, Peace, peace! and there is no peace.

12  They were ashamed when they did abomination! Yea, they are not at all ashamed, And blushing they have not known, Therefore, they do fall among falling ones, In the time of their inspection they stumble, said Jehovah.

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