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Jeremiah 40:2 YLT

Jer 40:2 YLT, Je 40:2 YLT, Jr 40:2 YLT, Jeremiah 40 2 YLT

Jeremiah 40:2 YLT

1  The word that hath been unto Jeremiah from Jehovah, after Nebuzar-Adan, chief of the executioners, hath sent him from Ramah, in his taking him -- and he a prisoner in chains -- in the midst of all the removal of Jerusalem and of Judah, who are removed to Babylon.

2  And the chief of the executioners taketh Jeremiah, and saith unto him, 'Jehovah thy God hath spoken this evil concerning this place,

3  and Jehovah bringeth 'it' in, and doth as He spake, because ye have sinned against Jehovah, and have not hearkened to His voice, even this thing hath been to you.

4  'And now, lo, I have loosed thee to-day from the chains that 'are' on thy hand; if good in thine eyes to come with me 'to' Babylon, come, and I keep mine eye upon thee: and if evil in thine eyes to come with me to Babylon, forbear; see, all the land 'is' before thee, whither 'it be' good, and whither 'it be' right in thine eyes to go -- go.' --

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