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Jeremiah 35:5 YLT

Jer 35:5 YLT, Je 35:5 YLT, Jr 35:5 YLT, Jeremiah 35 5 YLT

Jeremiah 35:5 YLT

3  And I take Jaazaniah son of Jeremiah, son of Habazziniah, and his brethren, and all his sons, and all the house of the Rechabites,

4  and bring them into the house of Jehovah, unto the chamber of the sons of Hanan son of Igdaliah, a man of God, that 'is' near to the chamber of the princes, that 'is' above the chamber of Maaseiah son of Shallum, keeper of the threshold;

5  and I put before the sons of the house of the Rechabites goblets full of wine, and cups, and I say unto them, Drink ye wine.

6  And they say, 'We do not drink wine: for Jonadab son of Rechab, our father, charged us, saying, Ye do not drink wine, ye and your sons -- unto the age;

7  and a house ye do not build, and seed ye do not sow, and a vineyard ye do not plant, nor have ye any; for in tents do ye dwell all your days, that ye may live many days on the face of the ground whither ye are sojourning.

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