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Jeremiah 24:8 YLT

Jer 24:8 YLT, Je 24:8 YLT, Jr 24:8 YLT, Jeremiah 24 8 YLT

Jeremiah 24:8 YLT

6  And I have set Mine eyes on them for good, And have brought them back to this land, And built them up, and I throw not down, And have planted them, and pluck not up.

7  And have given to them a heart to know Me, For I 'am' Jehovah, And they have been to Me for a people, And I am to them for God, For they turned back unto Me with all their heart.

8  And like the bad figs, that are not eaten for badness, Surely thus said Jehovah: So do I make Zedekiah king of Judah, And his heads, and the remnant of Jerusalem, Who are left in this land, And who are dwelling in the land of Egypt,

9  And I have given them for a trembling, For evil -- to all kingdoms of the earth, For a reproach, and for a simile, For a byword, and for a reviling, In all the places whither I drive them.

10  And I have sent against them the sword, The famine and the pestilence, Till their consumption from off the ground, That I gave to them and to their fathers!

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