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Jeremiah 23:38 YLT

Jer 23:38 YLT, Je 23:38 YLT, Jr 23:38 YLT, Jeremiah 23 38 YLT

Jeremiah 23:38 YLT

36  And the burden of Jehovah ye do not mention any more, For the burden to each is -- His word, And ye have overturned the words of the living God, Jehovah of Hosts, our God.

37  Thus dost thou say unto the prophet What hath Jehovah answered thee? And what hath Jehovah spoken?

38  And if the burden of Jehovah ye say, Therefore thus said Jehovah: Because of your saying this word, The burden of Jehovah, And I do send unto you, saying, Ye do not say, The burden of Jehovah.

39  Therefore, lo, I -- I have taken you utterly away, And I have sent you out, And the city that I gave to you, And to your fathers, from before My face,

40  And I have put on you reproach age-during, And shame age-during that is not forgotten!

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