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Jeremiah 20:8 YLT

Jer 20:8 YLT, Je 20:8 YLT, Jr 20:8 YLT, Jeremiah 20 8 YLT

Jeremiah 20:8 YLT

6  And thou, Pashhur, and all dwelling in thy house, Do go into captivity. and Babylon thou dost enter, And there thou diest, and there thou art buried, Thou and all loving thee, To whom thou hast prophesied falsely.'

7  Thou hast persuaded me, O Jehovah, and I am persuaded; Thou hast hardened me, and dost prevail, I have been for a laughter all the day, Every one is mocking at me,

8  Because from the time I speak I cry out, 'Violence and destruction,' I cry, For the word of Jehovah hath been to me For reproach and for derision all the day.

9  And I said, 'I do not mention Him, Nor do I speak any more in His name,' And it hath been in my heart As a burning fire shut up in my bones, And I have been weary of containing, And I am not able.

10  For I have heard the evil report of many, Fear 'is' round about: 'Declare, and we declare it,' All mine allies are watching 'for' my halting, 'Perhaps he is enticed, and we prevail over him, And we take our vengeance out of him.'

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