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Jeremiah 18:23 YLT

Jer 18:23 YLT, Je 18:23 YLT, Jr 18:23 YLT, Jeremiah 18 23 YLT

Jeremiah 18:23 YLT

21  Therefore, give up their sons to famine, And cause them to run on the sides of the sword, And their wives are bereaved and widows, And their men are slain by death, Their young men smitten by sword in battle,

22  A cry is heard from their houses, For Thou bringest against them suddenly a troop, For they dug a pit to capture me, And snares they have hidden for my feet.

23  And Thou, O Jehovah, Thou hast known, All their counsel against me 'is' for death, Thou dost not cover over their iniquity, Nor their sin from before Thee blottest out, And they are made to stumble before Thee, In the time of Thine anger work against them!

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