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Jeremiah 18:19 YLT

Jer 18:19 YLT, Je 18:19 YLT, Jr 18:19 YLT, Jeremiah 18 19 YLT

Jeremiah 18:19 YLT

17  As an east wind I scatter them before an enemy, The neck, and not the face, I shew them, In the day of their calamity.'

18  And they say, Come, And we devise against Jeremiah devices, For law doth not perish from the priest, Nor counsel from the wise, Nor the word from the prophet, Come, and we smite him with the tongue, And we do not attend to any of his words.

19  Give attention, O Jehovah, unto me, And hearken to the voice of those contending with me.

20  Is evil recompensed instead of good, That they have dug a pit for my soul? Remember my standing before Thee to speak good of them, To turn back Thy wrath from them.

21  Therefore, give up their sons to famine, And cause them to run on the sides of the sword, And their wives are bereaved and widows, And their men are slain by death, Their young men smitten by sword in battle,

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