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Jeremiah 16:5 YLT

Jer 16:5 YLT, Je 16:5 YLT, Jr 16:5 YLT, Jeremiah 16 5 YLT

Jeremiah 16:5 YLT

3  For thus said Jehovah, Of the sons and of the daughters who are born in this place, And of their mothers -- those bearing them, And of their fathers -- those begetting them in this land:

4  Of painful deaths they die, They are not lamented, nor are they buried, For dung on the face of the ground they are, And by sword and by famine are consumed, And their carcase hath been for food To the fowl of the heavens, And to the beast of the earth.

5  For thus said Jehovah: Do not enter the house of a mourning-feast, Nor go to lament nor bemoan for them, For I have removed My peace from this people, An affirmation of Jehovah, The kindness and the mercies.

6  And died have great and small in this land, They are not buried, and none lament for them, Nor doth any cut himself, nor become bald for them.

7  Nor do they deal out to them for mourning, To comfort him concerning the dead, Nor cause them to drink a cup of consolations For his father and for his mother.

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