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Jeremiah 15:20 YLT

Jer 15:20 YLT, Je 15:20 YLT, Jr 15:20 YLT, Jeremiah 15 20 YLT

Jeremiah 15:20 YLT

18  Why hath my pain been perpetual? And my wound incurable? It hath refused to be healed, Thou art surely to me as a failing stream, Waters not stedfast.

19  Therefore, thus said Jehovah: If thou turnest back, then I bring thee back, Before Me thou dost stand, And if thou bringest out the precious from the vile, As My mouth thou art! They -- they turn back unto thee, And thou dost not turn back unto them.

20  And I have made thee to this people For a wall -- brazen -- fenced, And they have fought against thee, And they do not prevail against thee, For with thee 'am' I to save thee, And to deliver thee -- an affirmation of Jehovah,

21  And I have delivered thee from the hand of evil doers, And I have ransomed thee From the hand of the terrible!

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