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Jeremiah 15:17 YLT

Jer 15:17 YLT, Je 15:17 YLT, Jr 15:17 YLT, Jeremiah 15 17 YLT

Jeremiah 15:17 YLT

15  Thou, Thou hast known, O Jehovah, Remember me, and inspect me, And take vengeance for me of my pursuers, In Thy long-suffering take me not away, Know -- I have borne for Thee reproach.

16  Thy words have been found, and I eat them, And Thy word is to me for a joy, And for the rejoicing of my heart, For Thy name is called on me, O Jehovah, God of Hosts.

17  I have not sat in an assembly of deriders, Nor do I exult, because of thy hand, -- Alone I have sat, For 'with' indignation Thou hast filled me.

18  Why hath my pain been perpetual? And my wound incurable? It hath refused to be healed, Thou art surely to me as a failing stream, Waters not stedfast.

19  Therefore, thus said Jehovah: If thou turnest back, then I bring thee back, Before Me thou dost stand, And if thou bringest out the precious from the vile, As My mouth thou art! They -- they turn back unto thee, And thou dost not turn back unto them.

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