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Jeremiah 15:15 YLT

Jer 15:15 YLT, Je 15:15 YLT, Jr 15:15 YLT, Jeremiah 15 15 YLT

Jeremiah 15:15 YLT

13  Thy strength and thy treasures For a prey I do give -- not for price, Even for all thy sins, and in all thy borders.

14  And I have caused thine enemies To pass over into the land -- Thou hast not known, For a fire hath been kindled in Mine anger, Against you it doth burn.

15  Thou, Thou hast known, O Jehovah, Remember me, and inspect me, And take vengeance for me of my pursuers, In Thy long-suffering take me not away, Know -- I have borne for Thee reproach.

16  Thy words have been found, and I eat them, And Thy word is to me for a joy, And for the rejoicing of my heart, For Thy name is called on me, O Jehovah, God of Hosts.

17  I have not sat in an assembly of deriders, Nor do I exult, because of thy hand, -- Alone I have sat, For 'with' indignation Thou hast filled me.

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