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Jeremiah 14:9 YLT

Jer 14:9 YLT, Je 14:9 YLT, Jr 14:9 YLT, Jeremiah 14 9 YLT

Jeremiah 14:9 YLT

7  Surely our iniquities have testified against us, O Jehovah, work for Thy name's sake, For many have been our backslidings, Against Thee we have sinned.

8  O Hope of Israel -- its saviour in time of trouble, Why art Thou as a sojourner in the land? And as a traveller turned aside to lodge?

9  Why art Thou as one dumb? As a mighty one not able to save? And Thou 'art' in our midst, O Jehovah, And Thy name over us is called, leave us not.

10  Thus said Jehovah concerning this people: Well they have loved to wander, Their feet they have not restrained, And Jehovah hath not accepted them, Now doth He remember their iniquity, And inspect their sin.

11  And Jehovah saith unto me: Thou dost not pray for this people for good,

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