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Jeremiah 14:7 YLT

Jer 14:7 YLT, Je 14:7 YLT, Jr 14:7 YLT, Jeremiah 14 7 YLT

Jeremiah 14:7 YLT

5  For even the hind in the field hath brought forth -- to forsake 'it!' For there hath been no grass.

6  And wild asses have stood on high places, They have swallowed up wind like dragons, Consumed have been their eyes, for there is no herb.

7  Surely our iniquities have testified against us, O Jehovah, work for Thy name's sake, For many have been our backslidings, Against Thee we have sinned.

8  O Hope of Israel -- its saviour in time of trouble, Why art Thou as a sojourner in the land? And as a traveller turned aside to lodge?

9  Why art Thou as one dumb? As a mighty one not able to save? And Thou 'art' in our midst, O Jehovah, And Thy name over us is called, leave us not.

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