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Jeremiah 14:19 YLT

Jer 14:19 YLT, Je 14:19 YLT, Jr 14:19 YLT, Jeremiah 14 19 YLT

Jeremiah 14:19 YLT

17  And thou hast said unto them this word: Tears come down mine eyes night and day, And they do not cease, For, 'with' a great breach, Broken hath been the virgin daughter of my people, A very grievous stroke.

18  If I have gone forth to the field, Then, lo, the pierced of the sword! And if I have entered the city, Then, lo, the diseased of famine! For both prophet and priest have gone up and down Unto a land that they knew not.

19  Hast Thou utterly rejected Judah? Zion hath Thy soul loathed? Wherefore hast Thou smitten us, And there is no healing to us? Looking for peace, and there is no good, And for a time of healing, and lo, terror.

20  We have known, O Jehovah, our wickedness, The iniquity of our fathers, For we have sinned against Thee.

21  Do not despise, for Thy name's sake, Dishonour not the throne of Thine honour, Remember, break not Thy covenant with us.

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