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Jeremiah 12:17 YLT

Jer 12:17 YLT, Je 12:17 YLT, Jr 12:17 YLT, Jeremiah 12 17 YLT

Jeremiah 12:17 YLT

15  And it hath been, after My plucking them out, I turn back, and have pitied them, And I have brought them back, Each to his inheritance, and each to his land.

16  And it hath come to pass, If they learn well the ways of My people, To swear by My name, 'Jehovah liveth,' As they taught My people to swear by Baal, Then they have been built up in the midst of My people.

17  And if they do not hearken, Then I have plucked up that nation, Plucking up and destroying, An affirmation of Jehovah!'

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