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Isaiah 65:7 YLT

Isa 65:7 YLT, Is 65:7 YLT, Isaiah 65 7 YLT

Isaiah 65:7 YLT

5  Who are saying, 'Keep to thyself, come not nigh to me, For I have declared thee unholy.' These 'are' a smoke in Mine anger, A fire burning all the day.

6  Lo, it is written before Me: 'I am not silent, but have recompensed; And I have recompensed into their bosom,

7  Your iniquities, and the iniquities of your fathers together, said Jehovah, Who have made perfume on the mountains, And on the heights have reproached Me, And I have measured their former work into their bosom.'

8  Thus said Jehovah: As the new wine is found in the cluster, And one hath said, 'Destroy it not for a blessing 'is' in it,' So I do for My servants' sake, not to destroy the whole.

9  And I have brought out from Jacob a seed, And from Judah a possessor of My mount, And possess it do My chosen ones, And My servants do dwell there.

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