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Isaiah 57:9 YLT

Isa 57:9 YLT, Is 57:9 YLT, Isaiah 57 9 YLT

Isaiah 57:9 YLT

7  On a mountain, high and exalted, Thou hast set thy couch, Also thither thou hast gone up to make a sacrifice.

8  And behind the door, and the post, Thou hast set up thy memorial, For from Me thou hast removed, and goest up, Thou hast enlarged thy couch, And dost covenant for thyself among them, Thou hast loved their couch, the station thou sawest,

9  And goest joyfully to the king in ointment, And dost multiply thy perfumes, And sendest thine ambassadors afar off, And humblest thyself unto Sheol.

10  In the greatness of thy way thou hast laboured, Thou hast not said, 'It is desperate.' The life of thy hand thou hast found, Therefore thou hast not been sick.

11  And of whom hast thou been afraid, and fearest, That thou liest, and Me hast not remembered? Thou hast not laid 'it' to thy heart, Am not I silent, even from of old? And Me thou fearest not?

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