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Isaiah 57:7 YLT

Isa 57:7 YLT, Is 57:7 YLT, Isaiah 57 7 YLT

Isaiah 57:7 YLT

5  Who are inflamed among oaks, under every green tree, Slaughtering the children in valleys, Under clefts of the rocks.

6  Among the smooth things of a brook 'is' thy portion, They -- they 'are' thy lot, Also to them thou hast poured out an oblation, Thou hast caused a present to ascend, For these things am I comforted?

7  On a mountain, high and exalted, Thou hast set thy couch, Also thither thou hast gone up to make a sacrifice.

8  And behind the door, and the post, Thou hast set up thy memorial, For from Me thou hast removed, and goest up, Thou hast enlarged thy couch, And dost covenant for thyself among them, Thou hast loved their couch, the station thou sawest,

9  And goest joyfully to the king in ointment, And dost multiply thy perfumes, And sendest thine ambassadors afar off, And humblest thyself unto Sheol.

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