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Isaiah 57:14 YLT

Isa 57:14 YLT, Is 57:14 YLT, Isaiah 57 14 YLT

Isaiah 57:14 YLT

12  I declare thy righteousness, and thy works, And they do not profit thee.

13  When thou criest, let thy gatherings deliver thee, And all of them carry away doth wind, Take away doth vanity, And whoso is trusting in Me inheriteth the land, And doth possess My holy mountain.

14  And he hath said, 'Raise up, raise up, prepare a way, Lift a stumbling-block out of the way of My people.'

15  For thus said the high and exalted One, Inhabiting eternity, and holy 'is' His name: 'In the high and holy place I dwell, And with the bruised and humble of spirit, To revive the spirit of the humble, And to revive the heart of bruised ones,'

16  For, not to the age do I strive, nor for ever am I wroth, For the spirit from before Me is feeble, And the souls I have made.

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