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Isaiah 27:7 YLT

Isa 27:7 YLT, Is 27:7 YLT, Isaiah 27 7 YLT

Isaiah 27:7 YLT

5  Or -- he doth take hold on My strength, He doth make peace with Me, Peace he doth make with Me.

6  Those coming in He causeth to take root, Jacob doth blossom, and flourished hath Israel, And they have filled the face of the world 'with' increase.

7  As the smiting of his smiter hath He smitten him? As the slaying of his slain doth He slay?

8  In measure, in sending it forth, thou strivest with it, He hath taken away by His sharp wind, In the day of an east wind,

9  Therefore by this is the iniquity of Jacob covered, And this 'is' all the fruit -- To take away his sin, in His setting all the stones of an altar, As chalkstones beaten in pieces, They rise not -- shrines and images.

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