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Isaiah 27:3 YLT

Isa 27:3 YLT, Is 27:3 YLT, Isaiah 27 3 YLT

Isaiah 27:3 YLT

1  In that day lay a charge doth Jehovah, With his sword -- the sharp, and the great, and the strong, On leviathan -- a fleeing serpent, And on leviathan -- a crooked serpent, And He hath slain the dragon that 'is' in the sea.

2  In that day, 'A desirable vineyard,' respond ye to her,

3  I, Jehovah, am its keeper, every moment I water it, Lest any lay a charge against it, Night and day I keep it!

4  Fury is not in Me; Who giveth Me a brier -- a thorn in battle? I step into it, I burn it at once.

5  Or -- he doth take hold on My strength, He doth make peace with Me, Peace he doth make with Me.

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