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Hosea 4:5 YLT

Hos 4:5 YLT, Ho 4:5 YLT, Hosea 4 5 YLT

Hosea 4:5 YLT

3  Therefore mourn doth the land, And weak is every dweller in it, With the beast of the field, And with the fowl of the heavens, And the fishes of the sea -- they are removed.

4  Only, let no one strive, nor reprove a man, And thy people 'are' as those striving with a priest.

5  And thou hast stumbled in the day, And stumbled hath also a prophet with thee in the night, And I have cut off thy mother.

6  Cut off have been My people for lack of knowledge, Because thou knowledge hast rejected, I reject thee from being priest to Me, And thou forgettest the law of thy God, I forget thy sons, I also!

7  According to their abundance so they sinned against Me, Their honour into shame I change.

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