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Hosea 4:12 YLT

Hos 4:12 YLT, Ho 4:12 YLT, Hosea 4 12 YLT

Hosea 4:12 YLT

10  And they have eaten, and are not satisfied, They have gone a-whoring, and increase not, For they have left off taking heed to Jehovah.

11  Whoredom, and wine, and new wine, take the heart,

12  My people at its staff asketh and its rod declareth to it, For a spirit of whoredoms hath caused to err, And they go a-whoring from under their God.

13  On tops of the mountains they do sacrifice, And on the hills they make perfume, Under oak, and poplar, and terebinth, For good 'is' its shade.

14  Therefore commit whoredom do your daughters, And your spouses commit adultery, I do not see after your daughters when they commit whoredom, And after your spouses when they commit adultery, For they with the harlots are separated, And with the whores they do sacrifice, A people that doth not understand kicketh.

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