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Hosea 13:1 YLT

Hos 13:1 YLT, Ho 13:1 YLT, Hosea 13 1 YLT

Hosea 13:1 YLT

1  When Ephraim speaketh tremblingly, He hath been lifted up in Israel, When he becometh guilty in Baal he dieth.

2  And now do they add to sin, And make to them a molten image of their silver, By their own understanding -- idols, A work of artizans -- all of it, Of them they say, who 'are' sacrificers among men, 'The calves let them kiss.'

3  Therefore they are as a cloud of the morning, And as dew, rising early, going away, As chaff tossed about out of a floor, And as smoke out of a window.

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