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Hosea 10:9 YLT

Hos 10:9 YLT, Ho 10:9 YLT, Hosea 10 9 YLT

Hosea 10:9 YLT

7  Cut off is Samaria! Its king 'is' as a chip on the face of the waters.

8  And destroyed have been high places of Aven, the sin of Israel. Thorn and bramble go up on their altars, And they have said to hills, Cover us, And to heights, Fall upon us.

9  From the days of Gibeah thou hast sinned, O Israel, There they have stood, Not overtake them in Gibeah doth battle, Because of sons of perverseness.

10  When I desire, then I do bind them, And gathered against them have peoples, When they bind themselves to their two iniquities.

11  And Ephraim 'is' a trained heifer -- loving to thresh, And I -- I have passed over on the goodness of its neck, I cause 'one' to ride Ephraim, Plough doth Judah, harrow for him doth Jacob.

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