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Hebrews 1:10 YLT

Hebrews 1:10 YLT, Heb 1:10 YLT, Hebrews 1 10 YLT

Hebrews 1:10 YLT

8  and unto the Son: 'Thy throne, O God, 'is' to the age of the age; a scepter of righteousness 'is' the scepter of thy reign;

9  thou didst love righteousness, and didst hate lawlessness; because of this did He anoint thee -- God, thy God -- with oil of gladness above thy partners;'

10  and, 'Thou, at the beginning, Lord, the earth didst found, and a work of thy hands are the heavens;

11  these shall perish, and Thou dost remain, and all, as a garment, shall become old,

12  and as a mantle Thou shall roll them together, and they shall be changed, and Thou art the same, and Thy years shall not fail.'

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