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Habakkuk 2:19 YLT

Hab 2:19 YLT, Habakkuk 2 19 YLT

Habakkuk 2:19 YLT

17  For violence 'to' Lebanon doth cover thee, And spoil of beasts doth affright them, Because of man's blood, and of violence 'to' the land, 'To' the city, and 'to' all dwelling in it.

18  What profit hath a graven image given That its former hath graven it? A molten image and teacher of falsehood, That trusted hath the former on his own formation -- to make dumb idols?

19  Wo 'to' him who is saying to wood, 'Awake,' 'Stir up,' to a dumb stone, It a teacher! lo, it is overlaid -- gold and silver, And there is no spirit in its midst.

20  And Jehovah 'is' in His holy temple, Be silent before Him, all the earth!

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