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Genesis 50:20 YLT

Gen 50:20 YLT, Ge 50:20 YLT, Gn 50:20 YLT, Genesis 50 20 YLT

Genesis 50:20 YLT

18  And his brethren also go and fall before him, and say, 'Lo, we 'are' to thee for servants.'

19  And Joseph saith unto them, 'Fear not, for 'am' I in the place of God?

20  As for you, ye devised against me evil -- God devised it for good, in order to do as 'at' this day, to keep alive a numerous people;

21  and now, fear not: I do nourish you and your infants;' and he comforteth them, and speaketh unto their heart.

22  And Joseph dwelleth in Egypt, he and the house of his father, and Joseph liveth a hundred and ten years,

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