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Genesis 39:13 YLT

Gen 39:13 YLT, Ge 39:13 YLT, Gn 39:13 YLT, Genesis 39 13 YLT

Genesis 39:13 YLT

11  and it cometh to pass about this day, that he goeth into the house to do his work, and there is none of the men of the house there in the house,

12  and she catcheth him by his garment, saying, 'Lie with me;' and he leaveth his garment in her hand, and fleeth, and goeth without.

13  And it cometh to pass when she seeth that he hath left his garment in her hand, and fleeth without,

14  that she calleth for the men of her house, and speaketh to them, saying, 'See, he hath brought in to us a man, a Hebrew, to play with us; he hath come in unto me, to lie with me, and I call with a loud voice,

15  and it cometh to pass, when he heareth that I have lifted up my voice and call, that he leaveth his garment near me, and fleeth, and goeth without.'

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