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Genesis 33:10 YLT

Gen 33:10 YLT, Ge 33:10 YLT, Gn 33:10 YLT, Genesis 33 10 YLT

Genesis 33:10 YLT

8  And he saith, 'What to thee 'is' all this camp which I have met?' and he saith, 'To find grace in the eyes of my lord.'

9  And Esau saith, 'I have abundance, my brother, let it be to thyself that which thou hast.'

10  And Jacob saith, 'Nay, I pray thee, if, I pray thee, I have found grace in thine eyes, then thou hast received my present from my hand, because that I have seen thy face, as the seeing of the face of God, and thou art pleased with me;

11  receive, I pray thee, my blessing, which is brought to thee, because God hath favoured me, and because I have all 'things';' and he presseth on him, and he receiveth,

12  and saith, 'Let us journey and go on, and I go on before thee.'

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