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Genesis 23:13 YLT

Gen 23:13 YLT, Ge 23:13 YLT, Gn 23:13 YLT, Genesis 23 13 YLT

Genesis 23:13 YLT

11  'Nay, my lord, hear me: the field I have given to thee, and the cave that 'is' in it, to thee I have given it; before the eyes of the sons of my people I have given it to thee -- bury thy dead.'

12  And Abraham boweth himself before the people of the land,

13  and speaketh unto Ephron in the ears of the people of the land, saying, 'Only -- if thou wouldst hear me -- I have given the money of the field -- accept from me, and I bury my dead there.'

14  And Ephron answereth Abraham, saying to him,

15  'My lord, hear me: the land -- four hundred shekels of silver; between me and thee, what 'is' it? -- thy dead bury.'

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