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Genesis 20:7 YLT

Gen 20:7 YLT, Ge 20:7 YLT, Gn 20:7 YLT, Genesis 20 7 YLT

Genesis 20:7 YLT

5  hath not he himself said to me, She 'is' my sister! and she, even she herself, said, He 'is' my brother; in the integrity of my heart, and in the innocency of my hands, I have done this.'

6  And God saith unto him in the dream, 'Yea, I -- I have known that in the integrity of thy heart thou hast done this, and I withhold thee, even I, from sinning against Me, therefore I have not suffered thee to come against her;

7  and now send back the man's wife, for he 'is' inspired, and he doth pray for thee, and live thou; and if thou do not send back, know that dying thou dost die, thou, and all that thou hast.'

8  And Abimelech riseth early in the morning, and calleth for all his servants, and speaketh all these words in their ears; and the men fear exceedingly;

9  and Abimelech calleth for Abraham, and saith to him, 'What hast thou done to us? and what have I sinned against thee, that thou hast brought upon me, and upon my kingdom, a great sin? works which are not done thou hast done with me.'

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