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Genesis 2:22 YLT

Gen 2:22 YLT, Ge 2:22 YLT, Gn 2:22 YLT, Genesis 2 22 YLT

Genesis 2:22 YLT

20  And the man calleth names to all the cattle, and to fowl of the heavens, and to every beast of the field; and to man hath not been found an helper -- as his counterpart.

21  And Jehovah God causeth a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he sleepeth, and He taketh one of his ribs, and closeth up flesh in its stead.

22  And Jehovah God buildeth up the rib which He hath taken out of the man into a woman, and bringeth her in unto the man;

23  and the man saith, 'This 'is' the 'proper' step! bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh!' for this it is called Woman, for from a man hath this been taken;

24  therefore doth a man leave his father and his mother, and hath cleaved unto his wife, and they have become one flesh.

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