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Genesis 16:6 YLT

Gen 16:6 YLT, Ge 16:6 YLT, Gn 16:6 YLT, Genesis 16 6 YLT

Genesis 16:6 YLT

4  and he goeth in unto Hagar, and she conceiveth, and she seeth that she hath conceived, and her mistress is lightly esteemed in her eyes.

5  And Sarai saith unto Abram, 'My violence 'is' for thee; I -- I have given mine handmaid into thy bosom, and she seeth that she hath conceived, and I am lightly esteemed in her eyes; Jehovah doth judge between me and thee.'

6  And Abram saith unto Sarai, 'Lo, thine handmaid 'is' in thine hand, do to her that which is good in thine eyes;' and Sarai afflicted her, and she fleeth from her presence.

7  And a messenger of Jehovah findeth her by the fountain of water in the wilderness, by the fountain in the way 'to' Shur,

8  and he saith, 'Hagar, Sarai's handmaid, whence hast thou come, and whither dost thou go?' and she saith, 'From the presence of Sarai, my mistress, I am fleeing.'

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