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Genesis 15:10 YLT

Gen 15:10 YLT, Ge 15:10 YLT, Gn 15:10 YLT, Genesis 15 10 YLT

Genesis 15:10 YLT

8  and he saith, 'Lord Jehovah, whereby do I know that I possess it?'

9  And He saith unto him, 'Take for Me a heifer of three years, and a she-goat of three years, and a ram of three years, and a turtle-dove, and a young bird;'

10  and he taketh to him all these, and separateth them in the midst, and putteth each piece over against its fellow, but the bird he hath not divided;

11  and the ravenous birds come down upon the carcases, and Abram causeth them to turn back.

12  And the sun is about to go in, and deep sleep hath fallen upon Abram, and lo, a terror of great darkness is falling upon him;

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