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Genesis 14:10 YLT

Gen 14:10 YLT, Ge 14:10 YLT, Gn 14:10 YLT, Genesis 14 10 YLT

Genesis 14:10 YLT

8  And the king of Sodom goeth out, and the king of Gomorrah, and the king of Admah, and the king of Zeboim, and the king of Bela, which 'is' Zoar; and they set the battle in array with them in the valley of Siddim,

9  with Chedorlaomer king of Elam, and Tidal king of Goyim, and Amraphel king of Shinar, and Arioch king of Ellasar; four kings with the five.

10  And the valley of Siddim 'is' full of bitumen-pits; and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah flee, and fall there, and those left have fled to the mountain.

11  And they take the whole substance of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the whole of their food, and go away;

12  and they take Lot, Abram's brother's son (seeing he is dwelling in Sodom), and his substance, and go away.

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