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Ezekiel 46:4 YLT

Ezek 46:4 YLT, Eze 46:4 YLT, Ezk 46:4 YLT, Ezekiel 46 4 YLT

Ezekiel 46:4 YLT

2  and come in hath the prince the way of the porch of the gate at the outside, and he hath stood by the post of the gate, and the priests have made his burnt-offering, and his peace-offerings, and he hath bowed himself by the opening of the gate, and hath gone forth, and the gate is not shut till the evening.

3  And bowed themselves have the people of the land at the opening of that gate, on sabbaths, and on new moons, before Jehovah.

4  'And the burnt-offering that the prince bringeth near to Jehovah on the day of rest 'is' six lambs, perfect ones, and a ram, a perfect one.

5  And the present 'is' an ephah for a ram, and for the lambs a present, the gift of his hand, and of oil a hin for an ephah.

6  And on the day of the new moon a bullock, a son of the herd, a perfect one, and six lambs and a ram, they are perfect.

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