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Ezekiel 46:21 YLT

Ezek 46:21 YLT, Eze 46:21 YLT, Ezk 46:21 YLT, Ezekiel 46 21 YLT

Ezekiel 46:21 YLT

19  And he bringeth me in through the entrance that 'is' by the side of the gate, unto the holy chambers, unto the priests, that are looking northward, and lo, there 'is' a place in their two sides westward.

20  And he saith unto me, 'This 'is' the place where the priests do boil the guilt-offering and the sin-offering, where they bake the present, so as not to bring 'it' out unto the outer court, to sanctify the people.'

21  And he bringeth me out unto the outer court, and causeth me to pass over unto the four corners of the court, and lo, a court in a corner of the court, a court in a corner of the corner.

22  In the four corners of the court 'are' perfume courts, forty long, and thirty broad, one measure 'is' to the four corners.

23  And a row 'is' round about in them, round about to them four, and made with boilers under the rows round about.

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