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Ezekiel 45:24 YLT

Ezek 45:24 YLT, Eze 45:24 YLT, Ezk 45:24 YLT, Ezekiel 45 24 YLT

Ezekiel 45:24 YLT

22  And the prince hath prepared on that day, for himself, and for all the people of the land, a bullock, a sin-offering.

23  And the seven days of the feast he prepareth a burnt-offering to Jehovah, seven bullocks, and seven rams, perfect ones, daily seven days, and a sin-offering, a kid of the goats, daily.

24  And a present of an ephah for a bullock, and an ephah for a ram, he doth prepare, and of oil a hin for an ephah.

25  In the seventh 'month', in the fifteenth day of the month, in the feast, he doth according to these things seven days; as the sin-offering so the burnt-offering, and as the present so also the oil.

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