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Ezekiel 42:5 YLT

Ezek 42:5 YLT, Eze 42:5 YLT, Ezk 42:5 YLT, Ezekiel 42 5 YLT

Ezekiel 42:5 YLT

3  Over-against the twenty 'cubits' that are to the inner court, and over-against the pavement that 'is' to the outer court, 'is' gallery over-against gallery, in the three 'storeys'.

4  And at the front of the chambers 'is' a walk of ten cubits in breadth unto the inner part, a way of one cubit, and their openings 'are' at the north.

5  And the upper chambers 'are' short, for the galleries contain more than these, than the lower, and than the middle one, of the building;

6  for they 'are' threefold, and they have no pillars as the pillars of the court, therefore it hath been kept back -- more than the lower and than the middle one -- from the ground.

7  As to the wall that 'is' at the outside, over-against the chambers, the way of the outer-court at the front of the chambers, its length 'is' fifty cubits;

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