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Ezekiel 34:8 YLT

Ezek 34:8 YLT, Eze 34:8 YLT, Ezk 34:8 YLT, Ezekiel 34 8 YLT

Ezekiel 34:8 YLT

6  Go astray do My flock on all the mountains, And on every high hill, And on all the face of the land have My flock been scattered, And there is none inquiring, and none seeking.

7  Therefore, shepherds, hear a word of Jehovah:

8  I live -- an affirmation of the Lord Jehovah, If not, because of My flock being for a prey, Yea, My flock is for food to every beast of the field, Because there is no shepherd, And My shepherds have not sought My flock, And the shepherds do feed themselves, And My flock they have not fed.

9  Therefore, O shepherds, hear a word of Jehovah:

10  Thus said the Lord Jehovah: Lo, I 'am' against the shepherds, And have required My flock from their hand, And caused them to cease from feeding the flock, And no more do the shepherds feed themselves, And I have delivered My flock from their mouth, And they are not to them for food.

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